Here are answers to frequently asked questions in the field of sports facilities.

  1. Question:
    Which permits and / or authorizations do the temporary coverings such as air domes require?


    The permits and licenses in order to install an airdome can vary depending on the municipality in which it is located, as there is currently no specific legislation valid throughout the national territory. In Italy the only legal text concerning sport coverages is rapresented by Art. 13 of the Ministerial Decree 18/03/1996 and s. m ..

  2. Question:
    Are the air domes with floor area exceeding 200 square meters, where � sports such as (eg tennis courts, swimming pools, soccer fields, etc..)�take place, included in paragraph 65 of Annex I to the DPR 151/2011 in the field of fire prevention?


    If a sport is carried out indoors, inside air domes, and there are no service areas annexed, they are neither the same as "sports facility" or as a "sports complex" as defined by dm March 18, 1996 and therefore is not covered, regardless of the dimentions of the surface,within the paragraph 65 of Annex I to the DPR 151/2011). In cases where it is expected the presence of the public, the activities described above will be subject to the controls of the fire if the capacity is more than 100 people.

    Source: website of the Department of National Fire brigade, Public Rescue and Civil Defense, NATIONAL FIRE BRIGADE . Therein published 29/10/2012

  3. Question:
    The tennis courts and swimming pools covered with temporary structures, such as air domes, are included in the activity 65 of DPR 151?


    The spaces dedicated exclusively to sports, as defined by D.M. March 18, 1996, even if indoors and with gross floor area exceeding 200 square meters, are exempt from the obligations laid down by this decree. Such activities must observe, however, under its own responsibility, the applicable fire prevention regulations.

    Source: website of the Department of National Fire brigade, Public Rescue and Civil Defense, NATIONAL BODY OF THE FIRE. Therein published 29/10/2012

  4. Question:
    What are the steps to follow in case of heavy snowfall on the air dome to remove accumulations of snow on top of the cover and avoid problems?


    In case of snow is advisable to keep the air dome within an air pressure of at least 20 mm of water column (unit of measurement of pressure). This can be done by closing the lever air calibration, placed on the recirculation of the generator. If this operation is not sufficient it will be necessary to manually activate the emergency unit. Two other advices are to turn on the heating system and set it at a constant temperature of at least 17 � C and turn off all systems of destratification of warm air if present, to allow warm air to go up and layering on top of the roof, thus facilitating melting of snow on top of the ball and preventing it from accumulating.

  5. Question:
    What are the periodic checks to be carried out on the air dome to perform the proper maintenance and therefore maximize the safety and efficiency?


    To keep your Prima srl air dome neat and functional periodically run a few simple controls, some of which may vary depending on the type of air dome choice (single membrane, double membrane, "A Class"), as in the appropriate manual of use and maintenance that we provide.

  6. Question:
    In general, what is the average lifespan of an air dome?


    In theory, the average lifespan of an air dome is around 20 years. Of course each case is different depending on the routine maintenance applied by the structure operators , compliance with the rules for the proper conservation of the structure, the professionalism of the staff used for assembly / disassembly as well as that the place chosen for the off-season recovery.

  7. Question:
    What are the means of cleaning the air dome without damaging the fabric?


    The cleaning of your Prima Srl air dome can be performed with water and mild soap or non-foaming detergent, provided it does not contain abrasives; the concentration of detergent in the water and the temperature must be chosen according to the type of stain. There are suitable brushes with soft bristles for this purpuose. Avoid the use of solvents and / or oil for grease stains. After thorough washing with detergent take care to rinse with water to remove all traces of detergent. Rinse thoroughly with 1% solution of common hypochlorite in water. Finally the whole surface is perfectly dry with a soft cloth.

  8. Question:
    Are there any particular environmental conditions inside an air dome?


    Absolutely not. Despite what you may be led to believe, the air pressure inside the air dome that allows the sustenance is imperceptible to the human being. Inside the air dome the air generator air changes indicated by the law,3 air changes per hour, are guaranteed.

  9. Question:
    Which permits and / or authorizations are required to replace the roofing membrane of fixed structure (wooden arches, geodetic structures, metal arches etc..) with a new membrane?


    To be able to replace your old roofing membrane on a fixed structure with a new membrane does not require any special permission, provided that you do not alter the type of fabric used, thus the weight of the membrane is the same as that indicated in the initial design of the structure.

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