PRIMA S.r.l. Is a 100% Italian company, operating in Italy and abroad, a leader in the new supply, maintenance and refurbishment of Coverages and Flooring for sports facilities.

Thanks to the Multi-year Experience in the Industry , our production department is able to realize different types of membrane and structure, depending on the type of coverage that best suits our customers' needs.

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We offer single membrane air domes, double membrane air domes, "A Class" double membrane air domes energy saving, traslucent air domes.

We produce a wide range of fixed tenso structures for example lamellar wooden arches structures, on which you can apply the special "Ecokit" system for energy saving, metal arches structures, geodetic structures, special tensile structures. We also replace the roofing frames on existing structures and put them in line with dated structures.

A wide range of flooring (artificial grass, clay, PVC, Linoleum, etc.) and accessories (heating, lighting fixtures, fencing, benches, sports equipment, etc.) then complete the formula to provide a sports "ready to use" with high performance.   The care we put in high quality materials selection, the research of innovative solutions and the care to collect solutions for client needs with precisions and ability, are our mission that make Prima Srl the right partner for quality products and Made in Italy.
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We offer different types of cover to protect your urge to sport every season of the year. Pressure balloons, Lamellar structures, Iron arch structures, Geodetic structures, Flat lattice structures, Special tensile structures. We also provide swimming pool covers, pvc roofs, sports / industrial roofs, gazebo and event covers.


We offer different technologies (artficial grass, red clay, pvc, linoleum etc.) to meet the needs of modern sportsmen. We make soccer fields (five), soccer fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball / tennis courts, basketball courts, decorative yarn, PVC flooring, linoleum, acrylic and polyurethane resin, porous cement, outdoor / indoor sports grounds , Parquet floors and kits in artificial grass.



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